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Kris Lund

Ingénieur de recherche au CNRS;
Diplômes/Diplomas :  Ph.D. in Cognitive Science, Masters in Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Kristine Lund is a CNRS Senior Research Engineer in the ICAR laboratory at the University of Lyon and served as the vice-director of ICAR for 4 years (2007-2010). An English-French-Finnish trilingual, she is also currently Chief Scientific Officer at the company and one of its three co-founders. K. Lund earned her PhD in Cognitive Science from the University of Grenoble, a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Paris and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Science from Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota. She was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS) and serves on the Education Committee. Her research mainly focuses on how participants use facets of their interaction (talk, gesture, handling artifacts, emotion) to co-construct meaning during collaborative tasks, either in school (e.g. learning to debate) or the workplace (e.g. decision making during collaborative design).


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Affectation :

UMR 5191 ICAR (Interactions, Corpus, Apprentissage, Représentations)
Sandra Teston-Bonnard (Directrice), 
Gerald P. Niccolai (Directeur adjoint)

Equipe : Interactions : Formes, Pratiques, Situations (IFPS)







Kris Lund

 Ingénieur de recherche au CNRS - UMR 5191 ICAR